15 December 2010

Fantasy books - What's your favourite ?

One of you guys came up with a very interesting question the other day about Fantasy books, and I decided to pick that topic for this post!

Personally I don't read a lot of books these days, mainly because I enjoy other things and have a busy RL too. If I have to read books it is either if I am being forced to or if the book itself suddenly gets very interesting in the first 20-50 pages!
But out of the few fantasy books I have read I can meantion all the Harry Potter books, I am a big fan of those indeed! I did start the Tolkien Lord of the Rings books, (got them all) but after 40+ pages and the fact they still hadn't reached Bilbo's party I fell asleep and I have never opened them again I am afraid! But I do love the movies, the universe and not to meantion the games!

So I am curious now, do you read fantasy books? In which case, whats your favourite ?


  1. Im a big Harry potter fan :) got all the books and the movies :D i do love the wheel of time series and the sookie stackhouse books atm :D have been a fan of the Lotr world since i was a little kid, so they are included allways in the favourites :)

  2. Doh, I asked the question and didn't answer! I have an excuse though, I've been ill =/

    I read loads of different fantasy books. LotR I read when I was young but I don't think I'll ever read them again. Combined with the movie and the game I think I know the story well enough that the books wouldn't be as interesting, since I find a lot of the appeal of books is not knowing whats going to happen next. If I know the story they aren't as fun. Harry Potter books are the same, though that was a great series.

    I'm reading through 3 series at the moment:

    R. A. Salvatore's books (there is 29 books about the same character: Drizzt Do-Urden, a dark elf, crossing 9 different series), these books shaped the Dungeon's & Dragon's world and are one of the most famous fantasy book series ever written :) The first 3 books are really good if you're after something to read:

    The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare which is about a girl that can see demon's, she's a shadowhunter (more of a love type story)

    Northern Lights by Philip Pullman is about multiple worlds and stuffs

    'Course you can find them all on btjunkie as well if you're into torrents )

  3. R. A. Salvatore's books are also weird because he wrote them in the wrong order. The first 3 books he wrote are actually book 4 5 & 6 in the timeline. See pic (numbers are mine showing book order):


  4. Wauw :p you sound busy with all those books :p Its sounds very interesting, maybe I should start looking into one of them !

    :D Sounds a bit complicated with all the different orders though?

    Hope you get well soon



  5. There's a lot of pulp in fantasy I think so it's kinda hard to find the gems hidden in the pile of crap. Here's some of my favorites
    1.The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings... but you know those. ;)
    2.The Earthsea Chronicles by Ursula LeGuin. Pretty old stuff (from the 60's I think), but a wonderful fantasy world fleshed out in a number of stories. Must read!
    3.Robin Hobb's Assassin's Apprentice series. Wouldn't liked the main character to be a bit more morally grey because a goody two shoes assassin doesn't really work in my book. Still a very nice series though.