10 December 2010

The Rifts of Telara

It's been a week since the Beta of Rifts of Telara came out. I wasn't one of the lucky players to get one I am afraid, but I am still really curious about the game! To those not knowing so much about this game I would recommend reading more on their official website - The Rifts of Telara

But in short its a new upcoming MMO, which to me looks a bit like a mix of Aion, AoC and Warhammer. I have heard that some of the game mechanics seems a lot like Warhammer, like these Rifts you go to, they are like control points and PVP areas is that right? I liked that part of Warhammer and might get to like this game too, who knows?

But anyway if you have had the chance to try it out, what did you think of it ?


  1. I got into the beta, I played as a cleric. Well actually I did shaman/justicar which is 2 types of cleric. You can pick up to 3 classes and train in all of them at once or you can focus on a single class. I'd say it was a mix of Warhammer Online and WoW. I've never tried WoW because I dislike what its done the whole MMORPG genre with games that have tried to copy it etc, so I base my comparison on what my guild said (those that did play WoW said it was quite similar in a lot of ways).

    The rifts themselves are like .. tears in the world, monsters are pulled through it and they form parties and attack cities unless you destroy the portal they came through. They are basically just open quests.

    I have very mixed feelings about it atm. I'll get the game when it comes out but I can't see there being too much endgame in it. Might be a good distraction for a few weeks/months.

  2. Hmm okay :) thanks for the cool information and personal view on it! If there aint much end game stuff I will prefer to stay in Lotro and save those money there ;) Star Wars - the old republic is just around the corner anyway ?

  3. Well, thats not till end of march but I don't have big hopes for that. Hearing bad things about it. I can't honestly see there being endgame in that either. The beta tests the rift guys are doing are interesting because they are truly listening to the players and changing things that are bad, so they might end up fixing a lot of stuff.

    Do you read fantasy books?

  4. Hmm hold that question ;) Will make a post about that ! :D