19 December 2010

Geeky Christmas Gifts!

Still can't figure out what to buy for your Geeky sister, brother, Bf etc.? I stumbled upon a few funny gadgets and thought I wanted to share them with you guys!

Cute Halloween inspired Ghost Mouse!

HDTV Usb receiver! So you can watch TV anywhere!

This cute Owl moves its head and blinks towards you through a USB port!

These cute dogs do Crunches when you connect them to your PC!

A Keyboard bag ? Awesome!

More funny gadgets at the following links:

Enjoy !


  1. Thinkgeek is awesome but their shipping is so expensive to the UK :(

    Jinx.com is great for geek clothes also!

  2. And rofl, I looked up those cute dogs doing crunches, on the japanese website that they come from they are under a section called 'USB meets LOVE' and this is the description!:

    "Humping dog will continuously hump when connected with a USB port! Oh my! He can ' t stop it!

    Requirement: A personal computer with a USB port. This product is compatible with any OS

    Bowwow! I ' m going to hump until you pull me off! "

  3. :P Hahah I didn't link that one ! Did I ;)?

  4. My bad, I didn't go far enough down the page to see the crunching ones lol :( I would have linked that one though :D